24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Portsmouth Shanty Men

The Portsmouth Shantymen have been described as a “power harmony group” who specialize in Sea Songs, but if it’s a good song they’ll give it a go anyway! They have been in existence since 1978 when the Christchurch Festival unexpectedly found itself without a Shanty Crew, which almost certainly makes them the longest continually running Shanty Group in the UK. Since then they have performed at Shanty Festivals, Folk festivals, on historic sailing ships including HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, clubs, theme events, book launches, schools, charity and promotional events , the Speaker’s House in the House of Commons, on Television and many other places too numerous to mention. They have performed all over the UK , plus the near continent and the USA, and well over 40 years on they are still going strong !

The programme has not yet been published.

When it is, the programme for Portsmouth Shanty Men will appear here.