24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Robert Hickman

Discover the applications of transverse ocarinas in folk music, and learn the basics of playing the instrument at a workshop at the Yelde or Old Road. Ocarinas are ceramic whistles with a 'haunting' or 'pure' sound, with similar capability to tin whistle and certain kinds of bagpipe. They originate from Budrio in Italy. My name is Robert Hickman and I've been playing and making ocarinas since 2011, and have also written two books about the instrument, most recently 'Serious Ocarina Player, a 300 page study of ocarina technique. Robert plays and makes Italian (transverse) ocarinas, not the 4 hole ones more commonly known in the UK. 'They are two different instruments with the same name, and the Italian instrument is the origin of the term' Robert explains, Playing mainly Irish music, Robert is interested in promoting the capability of the instrument. Robert will be sharing his passion for this unusual instrument in a workshop at the Yield. This will be a small workshop due to instrument availability. Capacity 6 participants. Some knowledge of basic music theory will be assumed, and teaching will accommodate people who read music, or play by ear.

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