24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Ceilidh (Ceilidh)
On:Saturday 27th May 2023
Starting at:20:00
Finishing at:24:00
Price:Season Ticket or Event Ticket From the box office
Where:Sports Hall

With: Urban Folk Theory, Seven Champions, Phil Bassindale, Seven Sisters

Ceilidh dance the night away to Urban Folk Theory's fusion of folk tunes and electronica and the calling of Phil Bassindale! (P)

Urban Folk Theory
A stunning band who exercise their musical tradition from traditional sounds to modern music, all incredibly danceable and exciting. This is a gig not to be missed.
Seven Champions
The first revival Molly dance team. Renowned for their deadpan sense of humour, hobnail boots and for dancing to unaccompanied female singers.
Phil Bassindale
Bright, cheerful, enthusiastic and terrific caller.
Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters Molly Dancers started in 2018, based in Kent. Our tradition is based on Paddington Pandemonic Express dances and we create our own.