24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Masonic Concert
Teatime Concert at the Masonic centre full of our festival guests a varied program to keep you entertained.

On:Sunday 28th May 2023
Starting at:16:30
Finishing at:19:00
Entry by:Weekend or Day tickets Only
Where:Masonic Centre

Barry Goodman (Solo)

Barry Goodman is a singer, musician, songwriter, caller and folk arts educator based in Hertfordshire.

Stonegallows (Band)

Formed in 1969 becoming a well known local act They were booked to perform at the first Lacock Festival so its fitting that this years 50th Festival should be a part of their farewell tour.

Graeme Knights and Jim Mageean (Band)

Now in our 3rd Decade of singing together. Chorus songs are our speciality .Shanties, Work Songs, , Music Hall - if it's got a chorus, we sing it.

Drijen (Band)

Part of the Kandu Collective, Drijen take us on a journey through the Balkans giving you a chance to experience traditional Balkan music.