24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Travelling Companions (Folk Dance)
A selection of dances with shadows or trail buddies. A familiar face to look out for can make even a complicated dance so much easier. (G)

On:Saturday 25th May 2024
Starting at:11:15
Finishing at:12:45
Entry by:Weekend or Day tickets Only

Contra Sutra (USA)
Dave Bartley (guitarist/etceteraist and tunesmith - KGB, Roguery, Bag o’Tricks), Ben Schreiber (fiddle - Uncle Farmer, the Dam Beavers), and Marni Rachmiel (winds - the End Effects, Reverie).
Lynne Render
Lynne has been dancing most of her life and calling for thirty years. She calls for a variety of dancers, but her particular interest is American