24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Teamwork (Folk Dance)
On:Monday 27th May 2024
Starting at:15:45
Finishing at:17:15
Entry by:Weekend or Day tickets Only

My part is easy; is there someone whose part is hard? What does that couple coming up the set need from us? What forms of assistance actually assist? What does/doesn’t help a circle? How to get a satisfying connection in poussette when we’re both going in the same direction? What can make the lowly star great? We’ll illustrate most topics with a dance. (G)

Contra Sutra (USA)
Dave Bartley (guitarist/etceteraist and tunesmith - KGB, Roguery, Bag o’Tricks), Ben Schreiber (fiddle - Uncle Farmer, the Dam Beavers), and Marni Rachmiel (winds - the End Effects, Reverie).
Bruce Hamilton (USA)
A well-respected teacher of English and Scottish dancing with 50 years’ experience across 5 countries. He has launched classes, trained teachers, programmed camps, and coached groups.