24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
The Craft of Calling: Tools for Your Belt (Folk Dance)
On:Monday 27th May 2024
Starting at:09:30
Finishing at:11:00
Entry by:Weekend or Day tickets Only

Ways to frame common settings that have deep, subtle effects. Examples:

- The unwritten contract between caller and dancers. How to uphold your end. What you can ask of them.

- Personal capital. How you earn it, when to spend it.

- Forward motion: are we making progress tonight?. Feeling stuck? Going backwards?

- A theory of prompting that tells not only what to say and when, but also how to drop out gradually.

- A framing for mistakes that lets joy in and helps a group absorb new dancers easily and rapidly.

Bruce Hamilton (USA)
A well-respected teacher of English and Scottish dancing with 50 years’ experience across 5 countries. He has launched classes, trained teachers, programmed camps, and coached groups.