24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
The Sound of Music (Folk Dance)
On:Saturday 25th May 2024
Starting at:11:15
Finishing at:12:40
Entry by:Weekend or Day tickets Only
Where:Sports Hall

We communicate with the band in many ways — the tune’s pulse, phrase, variety, mood, how it tells you to move or stop. The band’s rich harmony or simple, drive or drift, who’s playing, who’s out, how each musician thinks of the tune. And the band gets many things from us. Exploring this territory is fun, and you may find a new channel to play with. (G)

Paul Hutchinson & Karen Wimhurst
Paul and Karen play delightful music for English Country Dancing.
Bruce Hamilton (USA)
A well-respected teacher of English and Scottish dancing with 50 years’ experience across 5 countries. He has launched classes, trained teachers, programmed camps, and coached groups.