24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Making the Most of the Space (Folk Dance)
On:Saturday 25th May 2024
Starting at:14:00
Finishing at:15:30
Entry by:Weekend or Day tickets Only
Where:Sports Hall

Some dances just work so much better with plenty of space and lots of dancers. So let’s make the most of the opportunity that Chippenham gives us to do just that. Grids, interactive sets and dances that need a lot of room up and down the hall. (G)

Mollie Koenigsberger & Ali Messer
Mollie plays fiddle and Ali plays accordion and piano. Many, many notes are available to make zesty music, whether it be for Contra, ECD or Scottish.
Lynne Render
Lynne has been dancing most of her life and calling for thirty years. She calls for a variety of dancers, but her particular interest is American