24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Meet North British
Agreeable. Entertaining. Skillful. Lithe. Sober. Which of these words best describe North British? Come to our Meet the Team and find out. You’ll be treated to a little bit of history, something of the philosophy of the team, and of course a discussion of our three rapper and three longsword dances, illustrated by the performance of artfully-selected excerpts. How did we cope when Lufthansa mislaid our swords? What is it about Harris Tweed that makes a man so appealing? Come along and find out, and experience the joy that is an hour with the North British Sword Dancers.

On:Sunday 26th May 2024
Starting at:09:30
Finishing at:10:30
Entry by:Weekend, Day or Event tickets Only
Where:Yelde Hall

The North British Sword Dancers
We perform rapper and longsword dances from Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Northern England (but not Yorkshire) with, we are told, style and panache.