24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Favourite Dances with the Festival Band (Folk Dance / Workshop)
On:Sunday 28th May 2023
Starting at:14:00
Finishing at:15:30
Entry by:Weekend or Day tickets Only

In the words of the saying “Dancing is Music Made Visible”. This session is more of a dance than a workshop and aims to provide the Festival Band with an opportunity to play great music for a mixed programme of dances comprising a selection of well known favourites in a range of rhythms and speeds. (G)

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Joshua and Benjamin Rowe, Ali Messer & David Ledsam
Joshua and Benjamin Rowe, Ali Messer & David Ledsam will be leading the festival band and playing for the callers' showcase.
David & Kathryn Wright
Kathryn & David enjoy making difficult dances accessible and encouraging integration of good dance technique with enjoyment of the dance.