24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Sum Dances (Folk Dance)
On:Monday 29th May 2023
Starting at:15:45
Finishing at:17:15
Entry by:Weekend or Day tickets Only

Since publishing “Calculated Figures” in 1987, Gary Roodman has given us a further 12 dance collections with mathematically-inspired titles. His dances are in both English and New England styles. This session will explore the work of this very talented choreographer and will include a range of dances with varying degrees of style and challenge. (G)

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
Swan-Dyer are skilled interpreters of dance music- whether it be contra, ceilidh or social dance. Almost as many dance styles as instruments. (Almost)
David & Kathryn Wright
Kathryn & David enjoy making difficult dances accessible and encouraging integration of good dance technique with enjoyment of the dance.