24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Hartwin Dhoore & Ross Grant

Hartwin Dhoore & Ross Grant

Two of the finest innovators within their own country’s traditional music culture, turn a lockdown collaboration into a new and exciting live act in 2024.

Hartwin Dhoore is an accordionist who grew up and is based in Flanders, Belgium. For many years he has been roaming international stages as a professional musician. Inspired by traditional European music, Hartwin has crafted his own style. Performing across Europe, Canada, and the USA his original compositions have found their way to a wide audience.

Ross Grant is a violinist who grew up in the midlands, England. His playing is rooted in English traditional music, but sees him take influence from many genres across the globe. He is a composer, educator and has performed with some of the biggest names in folk music and has toured across Europe.

Programme for Hartwin Dhoore & Ross Grant:

Fri 24th May 202413:00-15:00The Moongazing Hare Bar Sessions: Afternoon Tunes The BarDonation
Fri 24th May 202420:00-22:30Opening ConcertSt AndrewsBreabach (Band), Andy Fawthrop (MC)Weekend or Event tickets Only (£22)
Sat 25th May 202420:30-22:45Bal RiverbankWeekend or Day tickets Only