24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Fran Bulpit, Philip Rowe & Dave Yeomans

Fran Bulpit, Philip Rowe & Dave Yeomans

Fran, Philip & Dave play regularly in every possible combination of duo, but only occasionally come together as a three-piece band. The band comprises driving twin fiddles, solidly backed by accordion. They are experienced musicians and dancers and enjoy playing lively music for English and American folk dance.

Fran Bulpit is an experienced fiddle player, of folk and classical music, and is a long standing member of Knotted Chord. Fran particularly enjoys playing for dancing of any sort, but her favourites are Playford and Contra.

Philip Rowe plays violin, accordion, keyboard, cello and double bass in a multitude of bands and orchestras. At Chippenham, he is looking forward to a whole weekend playing his first love - the fiddle. He is best known as founder of Knotted Chord and also for the Rowe family band - Stray Chords. Philip is very much at home with most styles of folk dance music, but most particularly American Contra and English country dance from 17th century to modern day.

Dave Yeomans is an experienced folk dance accordionist and a well-known face on the national dance scene. He particularly enjoys playing Playford-style music but is also adept at other genres. Dave plays with sensitivity and sympathy and is renowned for playing music for the dancers to dance! He is also a keen dancer so when not playing look out for him on the dance floor!

Programme for Fran Bulpit, Philip Rowe & Dave Yeomans:

Fri 24th May 202419:30-22:30Mixed DanceTown HallNicola Scott
Sat 25th May 202414:00-15:30Maggot Pie DancesNeeldColin Hume
Sat 25th May 202415:45-17:15Theatre Playford: Clowns, Orange Sellers and AcrobatsNeeldDaisy Black
Sat 25th May 202417:30-18:30Playing for English Country DanceTown Hall
Sun 26th May 202409:30-11:00Making it Look EasyNeeldBruce Hamilton (USA)
Sun 26th May 202411:15-12:45Dance AlgebraNeeldMike Courthold
Sun 26th May 202419:30-22:30English AllsortsSt Paul'sBruce Hamilton (USA)