24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Mollie Koenigsberger & Ali Messer

Mollie Koenigsberger & Ali Messer

Mollie plays fiddle and Ali plays accordion and piano. Many, many notes are available to make zesty music, whether it be for Contra, ECD or Scottish. Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor! Video shown includes our good friend Christina from a Fiddlechicks gig.

Programme for Mollie Koenigsberger & Ali Messer:

Sat 25th May 202414:00-15:30Making the Most of the SpaceSports HallLynne Render
Sat 25th May 202415:45-17:15Kentucky Running Set Sports HallMike Courthold
Sun 26th May 202414:00-15:45Callers’ ShowcaseNeeldBob Morgan (MC)
Sun 26th May 202417:30-19:25Zesty Playford Sports HallDaisy Black
Mon 27th May 202414:00-15:30Afternoon TeaSports HallRachel Shapiro Wallace
Mon 27th May 202415:45-17:15Rattling’ the ChainsSports HallLynne Render
Mon 27th May 202419:30-22:30Mixed Farewell DanceNeeldBruce Hamilton (USA)