24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Rosie Bryce & Michael Cade-Stewart

Rosie Bryce & Michael Cade-Stewart

Rosie and Michael have been teaching and dancing together for the best part of a decade, and between them have a wealth of knowledge in French and Scandinavian traditional dance. They share a passion for teaching and are known for breaking down complex movements into easy steps that can be followed by absolute beginners. Rosie is particularly known for her workshops on connection in dance, and games for dancers.

Michael has been making tricky Scandinavian dances accessible to dancers in the UK since 2008, and is known for teaching tips and tricks for getting participants confident on the dance floor in record time. Rosie and Michael's classes combine games and exercises with footwork and floorcraft, fostering a warm and inclusive environment. Together, they have nurtured a community of dancers by connecting individuals through the universal language of movement.

Programme for Rosie Bryce & Michael Cade-Stewart:

Mon 27th May 202414:00-15:30Intro to Swedish PolskaRiverbankConfluence
Mon 27th May 202415:45-17:15Slängpolska for BeginnersRiverbankConfluence