24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Lindsey Kennedy & Jos Style

Lindsey Kennedy & Jos Style

Lindsey grew up dancing English and Ceilidh Dance before discovering Contra dance, where waltzing and led-flourishes sparked an interest in partner dance and connection in dance. Having expanded into the world of Salsa, Swing, Bal and Blues, the common techniques and themes running through and across all dancing has led to a keen interest in the technical aspects of dancing.

Jos was dragooned into folk dance many years ago and has since willingly wandered into contra, bal folk and blues. Together, Lindsey’s analytical style complements Jos’s more intuitive approach to facilitate a broad discussion of the techniques at the heart of lead and follow dancing.

Programme for Lindsey Kennedy & Jos Style:

Sat 25th May 202411:15-12:45Connection in Partner DanceRiverbankTom Evans