24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27


We are the relentless ceilidh band, blurring the line between traditional and contemporary dance music. Unceasing in enthusiasm, musical adrenaline and fun we try to inject as much of our personal energy into the music we create. We create this atmosphere by bouncing off ourselves to create mesmerising sounds, and sights. We are: Will Pound - Melodeon & Harmonicas Nick Haynes - Cajon & Drums Rosie Butler-Hall - Five string fiddle Dan Bones - Guitars & Bass Manny Grimsley - Fiddle, with a weird bow "music like having a golden brick thrown through your window wrapped in the mona lisa" - Gordon Potts (or whatever it was he said)

Programme for Relentless:

Fri 24th May 202420:00-23:45Welcome CeilidhSports HallFee Lock (Band), Aurora (Dance Spot)Weekend or Event tickets Only (£15)