24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Threepenny Bit

Threepenny Bit

Hampshire-based Threepenny Bit use traditional dance music as the jumping-off point for their adventures in sound, with the eight members' patchwork of influences sewn into the lining of every tune. Their bold arrangements move between light and shade, intimacy and bombast, but always with compelling rhythm and harmony at the core. No idea is off limits as long as it catches the ear and animates the feet. Over the past decade, this approach has led to regular appearances at many of the major UK folk festivals, including Cambridge, Shrewsbury and Towersey. Annual concert and ceilidh performances at Sidmouth Folk Week have also become a firm staple of the band's year, with their palpable on-stage camaraderie ensuring memorable shows. Their line-up of saxophone, clarinet, flute and violin, alongside guitar, accordion, bass guitar and drums, guarantees no gig will be short on sound, rather, the audience will be treated to an “all out musical bombardment!”

Programme for Threepenny Bit: