24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
The Malmesbury Folk Sessions

The Malmesbury Folk Sessions

Regulars of the Malmesbury Folk Sessions will be leading the final official Moongazing Hare Bar Session of this year's Festival. With accordion, fiddle, concertina, bouzouki, guitar, whistle, banjo, flute and a little bit of gentle percussion, Malmesbury Folk Sessions meet every week in The New Three Cups Inn to play tunes together. The session has been running since the pandemic restrictions lifted, playing a varied mix of English, French, Scottish, Morris, Irish & occasional Scandi tunes. No instrument or genre dominates, which makes for a lot of variety. The group love to play tunes together and have also played a few gigs

Programme for The Malmesbury Folk Sessions :

Mon 27th May 202414:00-16:00The Moongazing Hare Bar Sessions: Bank Holiday Monday SessionThe Bar