24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Frances Richardson

Frances Richardson

Frances Richardson will be calling for a variety of mixed programme, English, and Scottish folk dance events.

Frances is well versed in English, American and Scottish dance styles. She started dancing in her teens with a University group that specialised in English country dance. She has been calling for over twenty years, with regular bookings at most of the major festivals, dance weekends and Saturday night events, which include American squares and contras. She came to Scottish dancing a little later, completing her RSCDS Teaching Certificate over ten years ago, since when she splits her dancing and teaching time fairly equally between the two genres.

At Chippenham this year her Scottish workshops will help dancers be confident to participate fully at the Scottish evening dance (which will be called). The focus will be on figures and interesting dance choreography, accessible to all folk dancers.

Programme for Frances Richardson: