24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Vertical Expression

Vertical Expression

Vertical Expression are one of the UK's most popular and established contra dance bands. They’re best known for their energetic, driving music and their skill of matching tunes to dances.

Comprising double bass, guitar, melodeon, fiddle and foot percussion, they combine varied musical influences including old-time, bluegrass, French-Canadian, Irish, English ceilidh, Appalachian and ragtime with a skill for picking exactly the right tune for each dance, all based on a foundation of rhythm and drive that makes their music feel effortless to dance to and impossible not to!

As well as frequent appearances at dance series and festivals throughout the UK, they have also played for contra dances and festivals as far afield as the US, Paris and Denmark.

The programme has not yet been published.

When it is, the programme for Vertical Expression will appear here.