24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Debra Hannis

Debra Hannis

A talented young traditional singer from Gloucestershire, Debra sings with a maturity of style far beyond her years and has been described as “The west country’s Julie Murphy” Brought up in a musical family, (her grandparents were “collected” source singers) she grew up surrounded by the folk music of her native county. With a repertoire encompassing well known shanties & chorus songs, traditional ballads, songs from Gloucestershire and songs from her own family, she is also a fine flautist specialising in 18th and 19th Century English country dance tunes. A finalist in the 2013 John Birmingham Cup for songwriters of unaccompanied songs in the folk tradition, Debra is increasingly in demand as a performer and has sung at clubs and festivals throughout the south west and beyond. Her debut album is currently in production.

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