24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Dave Yeomans, Matt Norman & Marni Rachmiel

Dave Yeomans, Matt Norman & Marni Rachmiel

Matt Norman (violin & mandolin) & Dave Yeomans (accordion) are making a return visit to Chippenham after a successful festival last year. This year, they are delighted to be accompanied by Marni Rachmiel (flute & saxophone) to enhance their sound even more!

Dave Yeomans is an experienced folk dance accordionist and a well-known face on the national dance scene. He particularly enjoys playing Playford-style music but is also adept at other genres. Dave plays with sensitivity and sympathy and is renowned for playing music for the dancers to dance! He is also a keen dancer so when not playing look out for him on the dance floor!

Matt Norman is a multi-instrumentalist playing mandolin, fiddle and piano. He has a particular love for accompanying dance and regularly plays for contra, social and ceilidh dancing. Other projects include the band Gadarene which plays old English tunes with modern dance beats, and Mr Onion’s Serenade, an album of Edwardian mandolin orchestra music.

Marni Rachmiel has been playing flute and saxophone for Contra and English Country dancing for over 30 years. Her varied musical background also includes Early Music choir, Javanese Gamelan, & Gilbert & Sullivan in Michigan, and Panto and Moisture Festival bands in Seattle. Her US dance bands included Contra Sutra, the End Effects, and Reverie. She loves matching tunes to dances to create maximum dance bliss.

Programme for Dave Yeomans, Matt Norman & Marni Rachmiel: