24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Tinners Morris

Tinners Morris

Coming on Saturday

Tinners Morris are a mens Morris side based in South Zeal, Devon, just a few miles down the road from Okehampton. Dancing mainly in the Cotswold Tradition we dance with handkerchiefs, sticks and sometimes even iron bars. We have great musicians who play for us using their musical energy to drive us to leap higher in the air with each tune they play and to entertain us all before, during and after dances. Our aim is to enjoy ourselves, striving to find the right balance between fun and precision, especially when wielding sticks. We dance in and around Devon and Cornwall but also further afield, mainly in the warmer months but occasionally in the winter too. We like to dance regularly but by no means every weekend – there are just too many other things to do. Practices are held on Sunday mornings (10:30-12:30), usually in the Victory Hall, South Zeal, arranged on a semi regular basis to fit in with the lives of all the dancers and musicians. There is usually a trip to the pub afterwards for a pint and a catchup. If someone can’t make a practice thats fine, everyone understands. We are always looking for new dancers and will welcome all who are interested in joining us, whether you are looking for a new outlet for your energy and enthusiasm or are an old hand at Morris you will be warmly welcomed. Our emphasis is on fun and enjoyment, having a good laugh at ourselves and our mistakes, whilst trying hard to eventually ‘get it right’ (most of the time)! If you know what you are doing you’ll fit right in and if you have never danced Morris before we’ll teach you all you need to know at a pace that works for you. Anyone wanting to give Morris Dancing a try can come along to one of our periodic taster sessions or a practice. Call 01837 840316 or email bagman@tinnersmorris.co.uk for more details

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