24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Polska (Folk Dance)
On:Monday 29th May 2023
Starting at:15:45
Finishing at:17:15
Entry by:Weekend Ticket only

The whole of our second workshop will focus on the Swedish polska. Open to both beginners and seasoned polska dancers alike, this workshop will offer something to all dancers. We will work together as a group to deconstruct the polska and look at the elements that make up the dance, looking at both the leading and following roles, posture, hold, balance, and relationship to the music. Everyone involved in the course will be dancing with all other participants and also learning both roles in the dance (no partner required). You will need shoes appropriate for Swedish dance (preferably leather or other smooth soled shoes). (P)

Chris Dyer & Tom Evans
Together Tom and Chris are putting the stomp into Scandi and Eurobal favourites.
Andrew Parr & Ella Sprung
Ella Sprung and Andrew Parr both studied at the Eric Sahlström Institute and now teach Swedish dance in the UK with the Third Beat Dance Collective.