24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27


Portmanteau is a breath of fresh air on the balfolk scene. With their unique blend of old and new, they're sure to get you up and dancing.

The genuine connection between the band members shines through in their music, with deep rich harmonies and driving rhythms.

Robin Fairey: From a background in orchestral and folk music, Robin has long enjoyed combining folk-inspired repertoire with synthesised orchestration, adding loopers, grooveboxes and effects pedals to whistles, saxophones and wind synths. He currently plays in a number of local folk and covers bands, and continues to explore new genres.

Caro Appleby: Having grown up with classical music, multi-instrumentalist Caro discovered folk music and dance while at university. She's found her musical home playing for various kinds of folk dancing, and particularly enjoys challenging dancers to interact with and respond to her exciting and rhythmic playing.

James Rhodes: Ever since he discovered balfolk as a young melodeon player, James has wanted to learn all the tunes. Since he began to play for dancers, he's been in great demand as a soloist and member of various groups. He loves taking tunes out of their natural habitat, and finding creative ways to make them fun to dance to.

Programme for Portmanteau:

Fri 24th May 202420:00-22:30Bal Riverbank
Sat 25th May 202414:00-15:30Balfolk BasicsRiverbankJenny Norris & Jos Style
Sat 25th May 202415:45-17:15Balfolk Dances: 2 and 3 Time BourréesRiverbankJenny Norris & Jos Style