24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Victoria Yeomans

Victoria Yeomans

Victoria Yeomans will be calling for a variety of mixed programme and English folk dance events.

Having been a dancer all her life, and a musician for most of it, Victoria has for many years also been a caller of considerable repute. She calls a varied repertoire from across the common genres from Playford to American contras, including several of her own compositions. She loves to inspire dancers to dance better and make the music visible. Dancers report that Victoria's calling is clear, concise and good humoured!

She regularly calls at many major festivals and weekends across the country and has called in continental Europe and the US too.

Programme for Victoria Yeomans:

Sat 27th May 202309:30-11:00Golden ChippersNeeldStradivarious (Band)
Sat 27th May 202314:00-15:30Triple the FunSports HallAlbireo (Band)
Sat 27th May 202319:30-22:30Mixed DanceTown HallStradivarious (Band)
Sun 28th May 202311:15-12:45Shaw ThingNeeldDave Yeomans, Matt Norman & Marni Rachmiel (Band)
Mon 29th May 202309:30-11:00StapledoniaTown HallStradivarious (Band)
Mon 29th May 202314:00-15:30RoyaltyNeeldVicki Swan & Jonny Dyer (Band)
Mon 29th May 202319:30-22:30Farewell DanceNeeldVicki Swan & Jonny Dyer (Band)