24 - 27 May 2024
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Keith Donnelly

Keith Donnelly

Keith Donnelly, Well where do you start? Keiths Website describes him as a ' Ruthless Surrealist Guitar-Slinging Abstract Songer Sing-Weaving, Teller of Short Tall Tales and Long Short Stories’. Whether it be for an adult or child audience you know its going to be a laugh a minute time where the middle and end is never quite where you thought it was going at the start. Keith may be known for his stand up comedy and participative action songs; but Keith is also a serious singer song writer and accomplished guitarist found around the world at Folk clubs, concerts and festivals across the UK in the US, Australia and beyond . As well as writing all his own material, Keith enjoys writing for other people. Over the years he has had the opportunity of writing for and working with some of his own favourite funny people. Notably the ever hilarious Jasper Carrott, and the wonderfully weird Phil Cool. As if this doesn't sound like enough to keep him busy Keith has his own children's book ' I wish I was a monkey' and launched his first seasonal Christmas Album during lockdown.

Programme for Keith Donnelly :

Sun 28th May 202312:40-13:00Meet our StorytellersYelde Hall
Sun 28th May 202316:00-18:00St Pauls ConcertSt Paul'sMike Wilson and Damien Barber (Band), Bill Crawford (MC)
Sun 28th May 202320:00-23:00Evening @ The Cause Cause AuditoriumIn position 4, After Barrie & Ingrid Temple (Duo)
Sun 28th May 202323:15-24:00Late Night Spooky StoriesCause Auditorium
Mon 29th May 202314:40-15:15Afternoon @The ConstiUnknown
Mon 29th May 202316:00-17:00Keith Donnelly Community Stage