24 - 27 May 2024
24 - 27
Chris Dyer & Tom Evans

Chris Dyer & Tom Evans

At the drop of a halling hat fiddler and nyckelharpa player Chris Dyer will set the compass for northerly climes and slip in a Swedish polska or a schottis before you can say skål! Chris, who leads the London Scandi Session, had to form an orderly queue to get to duet with accordion player and multi instrumentalist Tom Evans as he’s currently playing in five bands - Climax Ceilidh Band, Missing Richard, Suntrap, Twagger Band and Understory - but good things are worth waiting for and now together Tom and Chris are putting the stomp into Scandi and Eurobal favourites.

The programme has not yet been published.

When it is, the programme for Chris Dyer & Tom Evans will appear here.